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Zappa's lyrics and imagery often refer to noses.

  • White Ugliness: Roy: "But then there was a . . . what was it then? No pimples?" (...) "You've got one right in your nose right now!"
  • Stink-Foot: "Your stink-foot puts a hurt on my nose."
  • One of the constellations on the back cover of One Size Fits All is called "Al Nozzle", which might be a pun on "a nozzle" (American slang for "a nose"). Another star is called "ZIRCON (The Nose Star)".
  • Disco Boy: "So wipe your nose and tried to get a little laid, tomorrow."

"And the cocaine decisions that you make today

Will mean nothing later on

When you get nose decay


I don't wanna know

'Bout the things that you pull

Outta your nose

Or where they goes

But if you are wasted

From the stuff you're stickin' in it

I get madder every day"

  • Zappa's project Dio Fa: "This FOOTBALL GOD marionette is afflicted with an uncontrollable Nasal Growth Syndrome, pioneered by Pinocchio (perfected by Ronald Reagan). Whenever FOOTBALL GOD tells a lie, a horrible soft nose grows out of the soccer ball which forms the head of the logo. With each new lie, another monk appears (singing in Sardinian ethnic choral style), struggling to hold up FOOTBALL GOD'S repulsive nose with inexplicable religious machinery. To conclude the production in a way that allows FOOTBALL GOD to have a tiny nose and live happily ever after, we propose: As soon as the Italian National Team is selected, a rock video is made (in the style of 'THE SUPER BOWL SHUFFLE') using the players in uniform to render an Anglo-Italian rap version of Michael Jackson's 'I’M BAD'. This will be made into an instant hit by all Italian radio and television stations. At the end of the opera, FOOTBALL GOD sings His Hit (assisted by the monks — who turn out to be the Italian National Team in disguise). And so, by singing 'I'M BAD, I'M BAD, YOU KNOW IT, YOU KNOW IT!', GOD'S nose shrivels to Jacksonian proportions, and HE dances away."
  • Zappa's video label, Honker Home Video was named after his own large nose (a "honker" is American slang for "large nose") and also uses a nose as imagery and slogan ("It's a honker!")
  • Cal Schenkel's characters on Zappa's album covers often have a very specific nose, inspired by the dog nose characters in Carl Barks' comic strips about Donald Duck.

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