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Be in my video,
Darling, every night
I will rent a cage for you
And mi j-i-nits dressed in white
(teeny-little-tiny-little . . . )

Twirl around in a lap dissolve
Pretend to sing the words
I'll rent a gleaming limousine;
Release a flock of

Wear a leather collar
(Wear a leather collar)
And a dagger in your ear
(A dagger in your ear)
I will make your nose smell the glove
And try to look sincere, then we'll

Dance the blues
(Oh yes)
Let's dance the blues
(We'll dance the blues)
Let's dance the blues
(We'll dance them very much)
Under the megawatt moonlight

Pretend to be Chinese,
I'll make you wear red shoes
There's a cheesy atom bomb explosion
All the big groups use

Atomic light will shine
(Will shine)
Through an old venetian blind
(Venetian blind)
Making patterns on your face,
(On your face)
Then it cuts to outer space

With its billions & billions &
Billions & billions

Be in my video
(In my video)
Darling, every night
(Darling, every night)
Everyone in cable-land
(Everyone in cable-gable-land)
Will say you're 'outa-site'
(I say they'll say you're 'outa-site')

You can show your legs
(You can show the pretty legs)
While you're getting in the car, then
(In my red hot-rod car, then I . . . )
I will look repulsive
([With my big ears and all])
While I mangle my guitar





After all the close-up shots
Of you in bondage leather
They'll spray an alley with a hose
And we'll escape together, while we

Dance de blues agin
(I'm dancing the blues)
(Oh yes, we'll dance the blues)
Led dance de blude agin
(I'm dancing the blues)
(Sure we will)
Led dance de blues agin
(I'm dancing . . . )
(We'll dance them blues)
In de middle o' de alley

Let's dance your face
(Let's dance your face)
Let's dance your lips
(And dance your lips)
Let's dance your nose
(We can dance your nose)
And then we'll dance your sinus

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Notes About This Song

  • The line "I will make your nose smell the glove" is a reference to Spinal Tap. In this 1984 comedy film about a fictional rock group the band's debut album is called "Smell the Glove". In the context of his MTV parody the line might also be a reference to Michael Jackson, who popularized both MTV and music video's. In 1984 Jackson was still black, but already his nose had undergone a few facelifts. He wore his famous white glove whenever he made a public appearance. In the Does Humor Belong In Music? (1984) video a reporter asked Frank Zappa whether he could write chart toppers and sell millions of albums if he wanted to? Zappa responded: "Yeah, but who wants to go through life with a tiny nose and one glove on?" Another reference to smelling the glove would be made in Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk.
  • The line "let's dance the blues under the megawatt moonlight" is a reference to David Bowie's music video "Let's Dance" (1983).

CC Clues In This Song

References a hose: "They'll spray an alley with a hose."

References leather and collars: "Wear a leather collar"

References a Nose: "I will make your nose smell the glove"