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AGITTARIUS [16-18 / (-30º)-30º], one of the constellations in the "One Size Fits All" (1975) "universe"; has a star named "Al Nozzle". A "nozzle" is a projecting spout from which a fluid is discharged, or an informal (US) name for the nose. This could thus be a reference to FZ's nose (like in "Honker Home Video"). Along with earaches and asthma, FZ had sinus trouble as a kid. In "The Real Frank Zappa Book" (1989) he tells the story of "yet another Italian doctor", where his parents took him. "The doctor had a long wire thing-maybe a foot or more, and on the end was a pellet of radium. He stuffed it up my nose and into my sinus cavities on both sides." He then probably discharged the fluids...

[|Nasopharyngeal Radium Applicator (ca. 1950)]