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Groupies have been one of Zappa's favourite topics throughout his musical career. Especially in his early-70s work, groupies were a central lyrical theme; the "life on the road" continuity of the Flo & Eddie revolved to a large degree around sexual intercourse with groupies.

Suzy Creamcheese as a groupie

  • "In its libretto on Absolutely Free, the song "Son Of Suzy Creamcheese" is decribed as "a stirring saga of a young groupie. Her actions are all motivated by a desire to be 'in' at all times. Hence the drug abuse."
  • The tracks "The Voice Of Cheese" and "Our Bizarre Relationship" from Uncle Meat also allude to Suzy being, or having been, a groupie ("I'm Suzy Creamcheese because I've never worn fake eyelashes in my whole life / And I never made it on surfing set / And I never made it on beatnik set / And I couldn't cut the groupie set either").

Groupies in the songs of the "life on the road" continuity

Originally, Zappa planned to put a lot more material into his film 200 Motels before he ran out of time and money. One suite that was cut from the script was the so-called "Groupie Routine" which revolved solely around a sexual encounter between the band and some groupies (who will only get down to business with them if the band sings them their latest hit single - "With a bullet!"). Even though most of the songs did not appear in the movie, they did make it onto various albums:

Another suite from the 200 Motels film (which actually did make it into the movie) is "Shove It Right In", which follows the groupie Janet who prepares herself for a night out. This suite consists of (not including the interpolated intrumental pieces):

Groupies in other Zappa material

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