Half A Dozen Provocative Squats (The Track)

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She painted up her face;
She sat before the mirror.
She painted up her face;
She drew the mirror nearer.

Practisissing, Practiss, Practicing!

The STARE! (The stare)
The STARE! (The Secret Stare)

The 'secret stare' she would use if a worthy-looking victim should appear!

Practisissing, Practiss, Practicing!

Practisissing, Practiss, Practicing!

The clock upon the wall
Has struck the midnight hour!
She finishes her call;
Her girlfriend's in the shower

Practisissing, Practiss, Practicing!

Half a dozen provocative squats!
Out of the shower, she squeezes her spots;
Brushes her teeth;
Shoots a deodorant spray up her twat . . .
(It's getting her, getting her
She's just twenty-four
And she can't get off,
A sad but typical case, yeah
Last dude to do her
Got in and got soft;
She blew it,
And laughed in his face, yeah!
Face, yeah!

She chooses all the clothes
She'll wear tonight to dance in!
(She dances, she prances, she dances, she prances
She prances, she prances, she . . . )
The places that she goes
Are filled with guys from groups,
Waiting for a chance to break her pants in

Provocative Squat!

Well at least there's sort of a choice there,
Twenty or thirty, at times there have been,
Somewhat desirable boys there, dressed really spiffy with long hair,
Waiting for girls they can shove it right in.

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