Lucy Offerall

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Miss Lucy.

Lucy Offerall, aka Miss Lucy (died 1991) was a member of the GTO's.


She was born in Puerto Rico as Luz Selenia Offerall, making her partially of Mexican descent. [1]She can be seen in the movies Uncle Meat (an extract can be heard on the CD reissue of Uncle Meat), 200 Motels, Video From Hell, and The True Story Of 200 Motels. She also appears in the documentary Frank Zappa (1971) by Roelof Kiers, where Zappa memorably uses a vacuum cleaner on her exposed breasts.

She was married to Gordon McLaren, bassist of a NYC band named The Groupies (1975-1981). [2] They had one son, Coleman. [3]

Offerall became pregnant by a close friend and had a son named Dallas. She then found out she had AIDS and passed away from this disease in 1991. [4] Her son Dallas died the same year from ARC (opportunistic diseases related to AIDS). [5]