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John Coltrane.

John Coltrane (23 September 1926 - 17 July 1967) was an American free jazz saxophonist and composer. He collaborated with Miles Davis, Eric Dolphy and Archie Shepp earlier in his career, before going solo and recording classic albums such as Blue Train (1957), Giant Steps (1959), My Favorite Things (1961) and A Love Supreme (1965). He is noted for his wild way of playing, but also recorded albums of a more quiet, spiritual nature, experimenting with Middle Eastern and Asian music later in his career.

John Coltrane named his son Ravi after Ravi Shankar.

Zappa and John Coltrane

Joel Thome said, interviewed by Suzanne McElfresh for Bomb Magazine on 1 July 1994, that Zappa liked John Coltrane:

Interviewer: Was Frank into Coltrane?

Joel Thome: "He was. I told him that I was going to do an homage to Coltrane, and he really liked the idea." [1]

Zappa about John Coltrane

Interviewer: (...) "You listen to Coltrane, too?"

Zappa: "Well, I don't own any Coltrane, except that he's one artist on the anthology album that Tom Wilson produced in 1950. The one that has Cecil Taylor and Sun Ra. It's called "Jazz in Transition" – it's a classic.

- Quoted from Frank Kofsky interviews FZ, 1969.


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