You Are What You Eat

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You Are What You Eat is a 1968 documentary film, directed by Barry Feinstein, which documents the hippie scene in Haight-Ashbury. It features concert and behind-the-scenes footage of several musicians and other counterculture personalities of the day, including Paul Butterfield, David Crosby, The Electric Flag, Tiny Tim, Carl Franzoni, Vito Paulekas [1], Dave Dixon, John Herald, Sharmagne Leland, Barry McGuire, Marilyn Salisbury, Super Spade, John Simon, Peter Yarrow, Rosko, Animal Huxley[2], The Band and Frank Zappa with his Mothers of Invention.

Zappa's appearance in the documentary consists of seven minutes of footage, but the music played over it is actually by The Electric Flag. Presumably they couldn't get the rights to Zappa's music.[3] On some bootleg copies of the film the Zappa footage is even missing. [4] It has been identified as a concert that took place in Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles, California on September 17, 1966. [5]

The soundtrack was released in 1968 by Columbia Records and re-released on CD in 1997 by Sony. The album itself features no music by Zappa.[6]

The title "You Are What You Eat" refers to a famous quote by 18th century culinary expert Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, later rephrased by 19th century philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach.[7] Zappa made a pun on this quote on his album You Are What You Is (1981).


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