Lumpy Gravy & Elsewhere

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Lumpy Gravy & Elsewhere
Released 2002
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Lumpy Gravy




Lumpy Gravy

  1. Program 1 (10:20)
  2. Program 2 (10:27)

Bonus Tracks

  1. Break Time, The Masters (2:23)
  2. 16 Tons, The Masters (2:19)
  3. Hey Nelda, Ned & Nelda (2:12)
  4. Surf Along, Ned & Nelda (2:06)
  5. Music For Two Bicycles & Low Budget TV Orchestra, Frank & Steve (2:47)
  6. The Big Surfer, Brian Lord & The Midnighters (2:26)
  7. Love Of My Life, Ron Roman (1:59)
  8. MOI Radio Spot (1:01)
  9. "Hamburgers Make Me Sleepy" (0:57)
  10. Hot Rats Radio Spot (0:53)
  11. Gas Mask Segue (0:32)
  12. Knick Knax (12:11)
  13. Toads Of The Short Forest (1:12)
  14. I'm Not Satisfied (2:18)
  15. Black Beauty/Handsome Cabin Boy (11:02)
  16. Space Boy, Florence Marley (2:48)
  17. My Guitar, Rare Mix (4:09)

"Mystery" Bonus Tracks

  1. Would You Like A Snack?, Unknown Performer (2:37)
  2. Radio Commercial for Berkeley, 30 Nov 1968 concert (1:07)

Release Notes

Bootleg compilation by Zipperman from the Lumpy Gravy Capitol Acetate Test Pressing, in addition with some supposed live material and radio spots.
Despite the Muntz logo (which is a confusing reference to the 8-Track and 4-Track tapes), there is no doubt the 2 first tracks were full length sides taken out from a record due to the audible crackles.
The two last tracks (20&21) titles are not described in the sleeve/cover notes.
Zipper man Presente LaMarre Bruister Simphoneya is printed on the disc instead of the title.

Liner Notes

Back notes (abridged)

Program 1;
Program 2;
Tableaux I Sink Trap Tableaux V Gypsy Airs
II Gum Joy VI Hunchy Punchy
III Up And Down VII Foamy Soaky
IV Local Butcher VIII Let's Eat Out
IX Teen-Age Grand Finale

Sleeve notes (abridged)


Tracks 1&2 From 1967, Capitol Records Acetate.
Tracks 3-6 & 8-9 recorded @ Studio Z circa 1963.
Track 7 rec. 3/14/63 "The Steve AllenShow"
Tracks 10-13 various sources 67-69
Track 14 1968
Track 15-17 live at the Fillmore West 6/25/66
Track 18 RARE from acetate for film score of "Planet of Blood" aka "Queen of Blood" 1966.
Frank's participation in this is still under debate by Zappa scholars. While his name does appear on the label, when questioned Frank's response was "Let me see that" (see Del Casher)

Track 19 rare B-side"

Background Information

Conceptual Continuity


ZFT # Version # # discs Format Catalog # Release
Artwork Comment
n/a 1
Copy of
Lumpy Gravy version 0
(Capitol Acetate)
with crackles and clicks
+ Bonus Tracks
1 CD Zipperman / Zipperdeke
ZIP-012 / ZAP 012 / CDZIP-018
2002 None Brad Zarre Bootleg