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Zipperman is a bootleg label which often use other nicknames such as Zipperdeke, Zapperman, Zappaman, Zipperdelic, Zapperdelic and B.Zarre.

Their CDs & covers artwork are high quality factory pressings. The audio source (supposedly taken from demo acetate records) and the sound quality still has to be verified (if possible) and compared against similar existing bootlegs.

Comments posted in January 2006 on the official Frank Zappa Forum mention that the Thing-Fish Demos and Crush All Boxes are affected by too much Noise reduction and contain shortened songs. More information on this subject would be appreciated.

Non FZ Bootlegs

  • Zipperman 001: Bob Dylan - Don't Be Late (2CDs)
  • Zipperman 002: Bob Dylan - Parting The Red Sea From Jerusalem And Back (2CDs)
    • Live At The El Rey, Los Angeles, December 19 1997.
  • Zipperman 003/004: Bob Dylan - Sick Love (2CDs)
  • Zipperman-005: Mahavishnu Orchestra - McGuru Lives (1CD)
    • New york city, November 1971 WBAI radio broadcast (SBD).
  • ZIP-009: Miles Davis - More Live Evil (2CDs)
  • ZIP-010: Carlos Santana - Forum 71 (2CDs)
    • Los Angeles, March 2 1971 and San Diego, October 5 1971.
  • ZIP-011: Miles Davis - From Pangaea To Aghartha And Somewhere In-Between (2CDs)
    • Unreleased material, originally recorded for possible release by CBS/Sony Japan, February 7-8 1975 (SBD)
  • ???????: Miles Davis - Live Directions Switzerland 22.10.71

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