King Kong (1971/82 - various)

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Bidet! Bidet! Bidet ...
Blow-job! Blow-job! Blow-job ...
Jambon ... jambon ...

ED: Thank you! Oh, thank you! You're really too kind! Thank you, thank you so much! Thank you, thank you! Blow-job

FZ: Ed Mann, ladies and gentlemen!

I bet: oui, oui

ED: And now for the next part of our program, I'd like to present, ah ...

Blow-job! Bidet! Jambon!...
Jambon ... jambon ...
Bidet! ...

I want a garden!
I want a garden!
I want a garden!

I want a nun!
I want a nun!
I want a burrow in the broad daylight

I want a garden!
I want a nun!
I want a garden!
Just like the garden
That that asshole came up here on the stage
And sang about, three years ago ...
He came up out of the audience,
He said: 'I want a garden!'
I want a garden!
I wanna water it with my tears ...
And then Denny Walley said:

DENNY: Oh, you want kindergarten!

Hail Caesar!

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