God Shave The Queen

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Release Info

God Shave The Queen
The Muffin Men

"Recorded live November 1998 in Köln & Oberhausen, Germany (and a few bits we did back home during Summer 1999)."

"This is a mixed mode CD which includes:

  1. a 58 minute live programme playable on any standard CD player
  2. an archive of sound, video, pictures and text which is accessible on Macintosh and PC Windows based computers using standard web browsing software"


  1. Lonely Little Girl (02:13)
  2. I Want You Kong (03:00)
  3. Tell Me You Love Me (02:33)
  4. Sure 'Nuff And Yes I Do (02:56)
  5. Dropout Boogie (02:53)
  6. Evil (03:23)
  7. Kashmir Kong (02:30)
  8. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama (04:39)
  9. Duprees Paradise (04:47)
  10. Heavy Duty Judy (04:05)
  11. I'm The Slime (03:15)
  12. The Black Page Drum Solo (01:42)
  13. The Indian Of The Group (05:50)
  14. Willie The Pimp (08:33)
  15. Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder (04:24)


"The Muffin Men appearing on this CD-ROM are: Roddie, Jimmy Carl Black, Carlo, Dommo, Martin, Friz, Chris, Stefano, Jumpy, Rhino, Bammo, Naraish, Mike, Wayco, Jake, Andy, Ike, Johnny, Steve, Bunk, Don, Roy"



4. & 5. by Don Van Vliet
6. by Chester Burnett
7. starts with Kashmir by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page
13. by Jimmy Carl Black and Farrell

Conceptual Continuity