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From the Website of LeBocal:

The collective LEBOCAL is a unique phenomenon in the Rhône Alps Region. This collective was created almost 10 years ago, in 1998, under the initiative of Thierry Girault. It was under his leadership that the big band was created with the vocation of uniting some of the best talent in the Annecy and Geneva regions and setting up a true artistic enterprise.

The sixteen musicians making up the team are all professionals, show business people and key actors in the musical education institutes of the Haute Savoie region and in the National Regional Conservatory of Annecy.

The music played by the collective LEBOCAL is geared towards a large audience, inspired by jazz, improvised music and rock.

Each personality brings his own particular musical colour, making this a unique collective. Solidarity and artistic proliferation are at the heart of the team’s ideology. The legitimacy of the collective is backed by its mode of operation: all decisions, composition and organisation are shared among the group. Since the group’s beginnings, regular hard work and renewal of artistic projects have allowed the collective LEBOCAL to achieve national recognition.

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