Nasal Retentive Orchestra

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The NRO is a French band formed in 1999 by Christophe Delbrouck. Although the bandmembers are not necessarily convinced Zappa fans, the aim of this formation is mainly to play and propagate Frank Zappa's music. Not exclusively limited to cover the original scores, their works also include a lot of arrangements, personal compositions and dada performances.

Records With Zappa Covers


  • Christophe Delbrouck (artistic supervision, bass, vocals, percussions)
  • Jeff Marschalle (lead singer, guitars)
  • Matthieu Metzger (wind instruments, vocals)
  • Fabrice Barré (wind instruments)
  • Jean-Yves Monjauze (keyboards, vocals)
  • Patrick Desoyer (drums, vocals)
  • Frank Quintard (percussions, marimbas)


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