King Kong (1968 - Fullerton)

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FZ: The name of this song is "King Kong." It is also included in our new album. It occupies all of side four of the two record set and uh, it's actually the story of a large gorilla. You all know the story I'm sure. The gorilla is on an island, eats bananas, has a good time all day long. Plays out there in the bushes and uh, some Americans find out about the gorilla and they hear how big he is, you know. They're very impressed with the size of the beast. So they make it to the island, you know, they check out the gorilla. And they get a thing and they catch him, you know. They catch the gorilla, and they stick him in a boat and they bring him back to the United States. And they show him off to everybody. And they make a bunch of money on the gorilla, and then they kill him.

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Notes About This Song

  • This version of "King Kong" follows a head-solo structure:
    • Theme A (played twice)
    • Bridge
    • Solos

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