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Arthur Dyer Tripp III started music school in 1962 and played with the Cincinnati Symphony as a student. After moving to New York City, he met Zappa, and began playing with The Mothers. Tripp: "There was a lot of improvisation...I thought I'd died and gone to heaven."

Arthur Tripp provided drums, percussion and/or vocal for:

Arthur can be seen in the Zappa movies Uncle Meat (The Film), Video From Hell, & The True Story Of 200 Motels.

After leaving Zappa, Tripp played with Captain Beefheart's Magic Band for four years as Ed Marimba. In 1974 he joined Mallard, a band formed by ex-members of the Magic Band.

While musically successful, Arthur found that the business failed to offer financial stability. He briefly worked in his father's insurance business in Pittsburgh, but returned to California, where he eventually gave up music and became a chiropractor in 1983. However, in 2000, tiring of the steady rise of California governmental oppression, he moved his practice to Gulfport, Mississippi, where he continues a successful practice today.

His website is Along with information about his current chiropractic practice, Dr. Tripp has several pages that recount his time as a professional musician.

Tripp: "I just lost interest in music."