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Released October 2006
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All tracks Tracks 1 & 16
Tracks 1, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15 & 16 Track 2
Tracks 3, 5, 10, 12 & 14 Track 6



  1. Chunga's Revenge (7:01) - 19 April 1988 London, England
  2. Bowling On Charen (5:03) - out-take from Wild Love, 28 October 1977 New York NY (early show)
  3. Good Lobna (1:39) - out-take from Let's Move To Cleveland, 4 December 1984 Memphis TN
  4. A Cold Dark Matter (3:31) - out-take from Inca Roads, 19 March 1988 Allentown PA
  5. Butter Or Canons (3:24) - out-take from Let's Move To Cleveland, 25 August 1984 New York NY
  6. Ask Dr. Stupid (3:20) - out-take from Easy Meat, 21 March 1979 Eppelheim, Germany
  7. Scratch & Sniff (3:56) - out-take from City Of Tiny Lites, 16 April 1988 Brighton, UK
  8. Trance-Fusion (4:19) - out-take from Marque-son's Chicken, 24 May 1988 Stuttgart, Germany
  9. Gorgo (2:41) - out-take from The Torture Never Stops, 1 May 1988 Stockholm, Sweden
  10. Diplodocus (3:22) - out-take from King Kong, 26 October 1984 Providence RI
  11. Soul Polka (3:17) - out-take from Oh No, 19 March 1988 Allentown PA
  12. For Giuseppe Franco (3:48) - out-take from Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel, 17 December 1984 Seattle WA (late show)
  13. After Dinner Smoker (4:45) - out-take from The Torture Never Stops, 9 September 1988 Genoa, Italy
  14. Light Is All That Matters (3:46) - out-take from Let's Move To Cleveland, 17 December 1984 Seattle WA (late show)
  15. Finding Higgs' Boson (3:41) - out-take from Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel, 8 May 1988 Vienna, Austria
  16. Bavarian Sunset (4:00) - out-take from post-I Am The Walrus jam, 9 May 1988 Munich, Germany

Release Notes

Recording Engineers:

Mastered 23 May 2005 by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering & DVD, Portland, ME (over by the other side of Canada)

Produced/Composed/Arranged/Recorded & Performances by Frank Zappa

Special thanks to Bob Ludwig & to Dweezil for the suggestion to take this to Bob. Thanks also & always to Joe Travers. And Melanie. Very Special Thanks to Giuseppe Franco & Gorgo for love and kindness to FZ beyond duty. Merci bouquets to Eric Pallone at Shorewood; Karen Stone at CDS; Tracy Veal for Hospitality. Thanks to James Chance at Corbis (cover images) & to Mike Mesker for print advisories. Universal thanks to CERN. Thanks again to Bob Ludwig & for writing these kind words.

Liner Notes

Notes from the edge

"I'm not certain when this record was known to FZ as an actual project. He might have easily been collecting/collating candidates and building a reef of sorts for a few years. But once he knew his eon was closing this quickly emerged as one among the few projects that he chose to complete. Curiously, the date on the disc from Bob Ludwig is May 23 2005 and the date on the Master Tape check is 23 May 1993. Other coincidental and tangential collisions have occurred throughout every Zappa project and Trance-Fusion is no exception - check out the gypsy mutant vacuum cleaner swirling in castanets and the glow of the Chunga's Revenge studio campfire album art. This piece had long been an FZ standard when the existence of a certain famous (sic) flamenco dancer, La Chunga, was brought to out attention. The last time I heard this record with FZ was Thanksgiving, 1993. Among those present were one or two members of Gorky Park, our friend Beverly D'Angelo, my brother Midget (tech to FZ), Joe Travers (then drummer for FZ), Diva and Dweezil. I might have been the only one considering the gathering gloom of the end of the lease on time. I might have been. And the very something the way this album closes and opens with the soon-to-be other Mr. Zappa on Guitar. Once, later and much beyond these last time, I remarked on this very thing. Dweezil said in a measured tone, 'It's just a guitar record,' and of course it is. But also, in the same way predicting Higgs' Boson is just another theory. Of dark matter and the cold heart of gravity. Surrounded by music is what I miss is the running commentary on the view from the window beyond lightspeed by my favorite Guide to this Universe. And speaking on Science, one little anecdote about his powers of observation, dexterity, and thoughtspeed: Frank was amused by the sport he invented of finding as many possible ways to spell the name of a certain hotelier and lifestyler - with as many effs, pees and aitches in as many combinations thereof as possible, prompted no doubt by the majesty of the pose struck in the wall-sized framed photograph of the owner, just opposite the elevators, just off in general and specifically, the lobby of the Hotel in question, where FZ often stayed when performing in Chicago. While advancing on the elevator and in one seamless economic motion, Frank articulated his comment, well comet actually, thoroughly undetected by several others traveling through the same arc towards the same elevator. Well I do remember being boxed in at full capacity load, with the elevator doors slowly closing on the sight before us all - the glistening globulent lobbed lugey oozing in ominous silence down the image from face central. And there was just the most fleeting moment of acknowledgement between us. My hero."

Gail Zappa, Trance-Fusion liner notes, 2006.

"It was a thrill for me to work on Maestro Zappa's music again. I last worked with Frank in early 1979 cutting the original vinyl & cassette release of Sheik Yerbouti and this memory was with me the entire time I was mastering Trance-Fusion. I had to work with a previously assembled and "pre-mastered" version of this recording because it was all that existed. With no possibility of remixing, it was fun to deal with all the mix problems in the mastering stage. Tom-tom fills would suddenly leap out of the mix taking over everything around them! Occasionally some really interesting music was very clouded sounding and needed a lot of work to bring out the details. I worked hard to bring out all the musicality that was inherent in the stereo masters. I hope you enjoy this collection of some of the most staggering guitar playing the world has ever heard as much as I did working on it."

Bob Ludwig, Trance-Fusion liner notes, 2006.

Background Information

Conceptual Continuity


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79 1
1 CD Zappa
ZR 20002
2006-10-24 0824302000229   US edition. Matrix # IFPI 4121 ZR20002 3W 01 V IFPI L244 ZAPPA.COM4

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