I Am The Walrus

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The single.

I Am The Walrus is a 1967 hit song by The Beatles, from their album Magical Mystery Tour. It's notable for its surreal lyrics and a radio broadcast of William Shakespeare's King Lear mixed halfway in.

Frank Zappa named it one of three Beatle songs he really liked, along with Paperback Writer and Strawberry Fields Forever.

As a guest DJ on BBC Radio 1, during Star Special (1980), he played I Am The Walrus and commented: "Now wasn't that wonderful? Just sitting here today, so sophisticated as we all are, in this modern age that we call The Eighties, and to be able to hear something like that with thousands of people in the background on that record saying 'everybody smoke pot'. It makes you want to tighten your headband and stick a flower in the end of somebody's gun."

He also covered the song during his 1988 tour, but due to copyright problems it's only available on bootleg tapes.