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Patrick O'Hearn born 9/6/1954 in Los Angeles, CA (raised in Oregon), the son of working musicians. Studied cello, violin, and flute, and gained early experience playing bass with his parents' lounge act.

In early 1976, he won an audition to play bass in The Mothers.

Instrument & Gear

During Patrick's tenure with Zappa he had a very distinctive fretless electric bass tone which he explains here: "Live", I used an MXR digital delay with a short delay (80 - 120ms) with a slight, slow sine wave modulation to achieve a doubled and subtle de-tuned effect. For "Live" recording or studio, Frank would, in post, use an Eventide H-910 to create the same effect.

On early performances with Zappa, Patrick made what is now commonly called a Ramp. When asked about this Patrick wrote: "A device I fashioned to make playing bass guitar feel a bit closer to upright, which I was more accustom to at that time . (right hand pizz off the fingerboard) I eventually removed it as was no longer needed for feel. Also moved to playing closer to neck and fingerboard anyway. -- fuller, rich and darker tone for me."

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Zappa Performance Discography

O'Hearn provided bass and/or vocal for:

In the early 1980s he became bassist and keyboarder of the band Missing Persons which also included Terry Bozzio and Warren Cuccurullo

Patrick can be seen in the Zappa movies:

Patrick O'Hearn was also mentioned and thanked in the liner notes of The MOFO Project/Object (2006) album. [1]