Wax Flags

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Wax Flags
Released 1978
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Disc One, Side One

  1. Instrumental (Erroneously listed as Envelopes)
  2. Is This Guy Kidding or What? / I Have Been In You
  3. Flakes (Erroneously listed as "Tom Snyder Vs. the Red Spiders from NBC")
  4. Flakes/Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
  5. Wild Love (part 1) (Erroneously listed as Stinky Finger)
  6. Wild Love (part 2) (listed as "Fancy Stinky Part 1")

Disc One, Side Two

  1. Wild Love (part 3) (Erroneously listed as "Fancy Stinky Part 2")
  2. Punky's Whips

Disc Two, Side One

  1. Stink-Foot Solo
  2. The Black Page #2
  3. Jones Crusher [Erroneously listed as "Deadly Jaws"]
  4. Disco Boy
  5. Dinah-Moe Humm
  6. Bobby Brown Goes Down

Disc Two, Side Two

  1. Conehead Instrumental
  2. Camarillo Brillo
  3. Muffin Man
  4. San Ber'dino
  5. Black Napkins
  6. Auld Lang Syne

Release Notes

Back cover

Recorded at the Pauley Pavillion, UCLA, December 31, 1977
Length: Approx. 90 min
Sound quality: Audience (Poor)
Label: Ruthless Rhymes FZ500 / Raring Records Rarities

This show was 3 hours long, The version presented here has been truncated. The sound is lousy, but the performance is good. Track 1 is listed as "Envelopes" but is really a jam, probably a solo section from "A Pound for a Brown on the Bus". Track 2 is "I Have Been in You" with an intro like the one on Stage #6, "Is This Guy Kidding or What". Track 3 is just the end part, with Adrian Belew's e-bow solo. Track 4 has 30 more seconds of "Flakes". "Wild Love", including improvisations, is split up over three tracks, listed as "Stinky Finger" and "Fancy Stinky Parts 1-2". At 01:21 in track 6, a wild solo section ensues, with Tommy Mars and Peter Wolf doing keyboard improvisations. Then the first 01:57 of track 7 is Adrian Belew on guitar, 01:58-08:23 a "Yo' Mama" type Zappa solo, and the remaining 08:24-09:09 the last part of "Wild Love". Track 15 is a different, instrumental "Conehead" (and may belong last on side 3 instead).

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ZFT # Version # # discs Format Catalog # Release
Artwork Comment
n/a Unknown 2 LP Ruthless Rhymes
1978 None