Rock Wives

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Paperback: 270 pages
Publisher: William Morrow & Co
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0688069665
ISBN-13: 978-0688069667

The Hard Lives and Good Times of the Wives, Girlfriends and Groupies of Rock 'n' Roll
A take-it-to-bed-and-read-all-night revelation. is a 1986 book by William Morrow & Co.

Gail Zappa

"I remember Moon in the sixth grade coming home from school, and there was this girl who was really cute and popular who said, 'Why did your parents name you Moon?' and Moon said, 'Why did yours name you Debbie?'"

Back cover notes:
What's life like for the women who live with rock stars?
How does a woman contend with the frenzied lifestyles, the grueling tours and attendant groupies, the effects of an immoderation of drink and drugs? What does it feel like to have your relationship under constant public scrutiny? Why do some women survive these pressures to keep their marriages intact, while others succumb to them becoming divorcees and drug addicts?
In Rock Wives, sevcenteen women and one man who live with rock stars open up and talk candidly about their private lives with these very public people. Learn what it's like in the fast lane from:

  • Myra Lewis (Jerry Lee Lewis)
  • Lee Angel (Little Richard)
  • Susan Rotolo (Bob Dylan)
  • Claudette Robinson (Smokey Robinson)
  • Linda Lawrence Leitch (Brian Jones, Donovan Leitch)
  • Marilyn Wilson (Brian Wilson)
  • Anita Pallenberg (Brian Jones, Keith Richards)
  • Gail Zappa (Frank Zappa)
  • Patricia Keneally (Jim Morrison)
  • Monika Danneman (Jimi Hendrix)
  • Angie Bowie (David Bowie)
  • Ingrid Croce (David Croce)
  • Bebe Buell (Todd Rundgren, Rod Stewart, Elvis Costello, Stiv Bators)
  • Leslie Meat (Meat Loaf)
  • Jo Howard (Ron Wood)
  • Carlene Carter (Nick Lowe)
  • Very Ramone (Dee Dee Ramone)
  • David Wolff (Cyndi Lauper)