"Ulterior Motive"

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FZ: Thank you. How is the sound balance out there? Is it too loud?
How many say Yes?
Okay, then just one
More Ruth?

Somebody: Aaaah! They want you Ruth

FZ: They want you Ruth
Okay, what we'd like to do right now is another err arranged piece
This is called err... you wanna do Greggery Peccary?
We haven't gone over there for a while
This is... wait a minute...
This is called The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary
Now we're gonna try a new version of Greggery Peccary tonight
We're gonna put some solos in between the movements of Greggery Peccary
And what we'd like to do is play... one... err is err the first section and then cut off
and then go to the f... the err front row here and play all in sixteenth notes at the tempo that I s... start up
And then we develop from there
And then... then on queue you get the second movement
And after the second movement, instead of going directly into the third
We'll do all the brass section, same thing, sixteenth notes very staccato
At the end of the third movement
At the end of the third movement
We're gonna go to the back row winds and percussion, the same thing, sixteenth notes staccato
And then change over to Brown Clouds
And we'll put Brown Clouds at the end of it okay?
Note, wait a minute
We have to get this organized so that it doesn't sleaze off before your very ears
There's a... there is an ulterior motive for making sure that it doesn't sleaze too much
Because we're recording this show

And if it turns out good

That's right, you all, all be immortalized

All right, can we...

Err... Maybe err... in... in between these movements I'll tell you what the story of Greggery Peccary is
But err we'll just start it up, you can just imagine what's going on

Here we go

One two three four

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