Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa?

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Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa? is an upcoming documentary film about Zappa and his work, directed by Alex Winter. Production will be in his hands, alongside Glen Ziper. [1]

Winter had been given permission to use material from The Vault and offered the chance to own artefacts from Zappa's home, or even the house, in exchange for funding. The project was announced in July 2015. Gail Zappa, already terminally ill with cancer, was among the first people Winter conducted interviews with. [2] Before her passing plans had already been made to sell Zappa's old house. As Winter explained it: "Before we launched our campaign, the Zappa family was already planning to sell the house. So, they have been planning for months to move the contents of the Vault into a new space, along with other things from the house — the recording equipment from the UMRK, for example. And that’s still the plan. When the Zappas told me the house was going to be put on the market, we all felt that it would really be a great gesture to offer the fans a first crack at owning it, before it was publicly available. And when they told me the Vault and all Frank's possessions were being finally after decades moved from their natural habitat, I thought, oh shit, we need to launch this project NOW — the last point at which it'll all be just as Frank left it." [3]

In March 2016 Winter set up a Kickstarter fund to make a documentary about Zappa and his work. [4] Among those making promo videos supporting the kickstarter are Ahmet Zappa, Dweezil Zappa, Scott Thunes, Cal Schenkel, Bruce Bickford and Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves. [5]

An official soundtrack album will be made available as well, though the content is still to be determined. [6]

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