White Light/White Heat

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The album cover.

White Light/White Heat is a 1968 album by The Velvet Underground. It was their second album and notable for its heavier experimental sound. It was released on Verve Records, under production of Tom Wilson. The album is most notable for the tracks "The Gift", "Here She Comes Now" and "Sister Ray".

Zappa about the album

Interviewed by Mojo Magazine Lou Reed revealed that during the recording of White Light/White Heat Zappa and the Mothers were recording at the same studio. Reed said that the sound effect of a knife stabbing through the protagonist's skull in the song The Gift was actually suggested by Frank Zappa: "You'll get a better sound if you do it this way.", he said. According to Reed Zappa also said: "You know, I’m really surprised by how much I like your album." [1]


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