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FZ, Mark Volman (vocals, sofa), Howard Kaylan (vocals, concertina), Aynsley Dunbar (drums), Ian Underwood (keyboards, horns, vocals), Don Preston (mini-moog), Jim Pons (bass, vocals)

Additional Info


May 18th to December 10th

71/12/10 London UK Rainbow Theatre


From John Naurin:

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Notes About This Tour

This band is often referred to as "The Vaudeville Band".

Smoke On The Water

From Frank Zappa - A Visual Documentary by Barry Miles:

4 December '71 - The Casino, Montreux, Switzerland. In the middle of Don Preston's synthesizer solo on "King Kong" the building caught fire. Zappa calmed the crowd of 3,000 which was well over capacity. The owners had chained shut the exit doors because there were people still trying to get in so one of the roadies smashed a large plate glass window to enable the audience to escape. The auditorium filled with black smoke and shortly after the band had escped through the backstage tunnel, the heating system exploded blowing several people through the window. No-one was killed. The building was gutted and Zappa lost all of his equipment with ten tour dates to go.

These events were to be immortalized in Deep Purple's classic Smoke On The Water.

The band voted to continue the tour, cancelled one week's worth of gigs to break in new equipment ready for the two sold-out nights - two shows a night - at the 3000 seater Rainbow in London.

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