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Mondo Hollywood is a 1967 documentary film by Robert Carl Cohen. It features L.A. and Hollywood personalities in the 60's including:

"To Whom It May Concern

I am the Writer-Producer-Director and owner of all rights to MONDO HOLLYWOOD. Among the various misrepresentations made about my film are the following:

1. That the music of Frank Zappa and his group, THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION, was edited out of the film. He and his group were, indeed, filmed by me at one of several parties, scenes from which are intercut in the film’s final 'Freakout' sequence, but I did not record their music at any time. I shot them silent, using a non-blimped Arriflex 35-C. The few shots of them seen in my film constitute all the footage recorded. There were no out-takes.

2. A certain 'Kim Fowley' claims to have recorded Zappa and his group during the MONDO HOLLYWOOD party; and has been selling what he claims is the music from that party. The truth is that there was no one professionally recording the music performed at that event. I am in possession of signed releases from everyone who was present. I have no idea where Fowley acquired the music he is selling as 'The sound track from the MONDO HOLLYWOOD party scene, or whose music it is, but it was never a part of my film.


Robert Carl Cohen"

Message posted on Kill Ugly Radio, April 6th 2006

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