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FZ: Thank you, good night . . . Thank you, if you'll . . . if you sit down and be quiet, we'll make an attempt to, ah, perform Brown Shoes Don't Make It.
Man In Uniform: Back on your seats, come on, we'll help you back to your seats, come on . . .
Guy In The Audience: Take that man out of here! Oh! Go away! Take that uniform off man! Take off that uniform before it's fuckin' too late, man!
FZ: Everybody in this room is wearing a uniform, and don't kid yourself.
Guy In The Audience: . . . man!
FZ: You'll hurt your throat, stop it!

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includes Aybe Sea

Royal Albert Hall, London June 6, 1969

  • FZ voice

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Notes About This Song

The various sections of this piece have been edited together to form a single composition. Many of the themes have been reworked in various permutations since 1962: variously known as The Duke, The Hunchback Duke, Twinkle Tits and rearranged for the Fillmore East, June 1971 album.

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