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FZ: (...) afternoon... err in the err process of examining the stage
To make sure that it was fit for human consumption
These large objects over here on the side with the horns on top of 'em
You know those speakers there
They... they fell over backwards
And completely mangled Jay Migliori's err woodwind instruments
So Mr. Migliori is at a certain disadvantage this evening
We just thought we'd let you know
Fortunately Mr. Migliori was not sitting there when the cabinets went down
So that part's ok

Well now we got that over with
I'd like to introduce the rest of the lads in the band
And the ladies in the band to all of you here

Let's start up in the top with trumpet number one Malcolm McNab...
[trumpet quote]

And the indispensable Salvatore Marquez...
[trumpet quote]

And on pygmee trumpet and tuba Tom Malone...
[trumpet quote]

And Bruce Fowler on trombone...
[trombone quote]

And Glenn "hands up - face to the wall" Ferris on trombone...
[trombone quote]

And Kenny "always jovial" Shroyer on trombone...
[trombone quote]

And Ruth "also jovial" Underwood on marimba...
[marimba quote]

That's a jovial little marimba
And Tom "with one smashed hand" Raney on congas...
[congas quote]

And over here in the wind section you already know Jay
Play somethin' Jay...
[clarinet quote]

That one works
And Mike Altschul...
[unidentified wind instrument quote]

Ray "the phantom" Reed...
[sax quote]

Charles "up and down" Owens...
[sax quote]

JoAnn Caldwell-McNab...
[sax quote]

Earl Dumler...
[unidentified wind instrument quote]

Wait wait... try that one again...
[unidentified wind instrument quote]

Can you hear him?
[unidentified wind instrument note]

That's a little bit better, yeah...
[unidentified wind instrument quote]

Just a minute now
Jerry Kessler on cello...
[cello quote]

Ian Underwood on keyboards et cetera...
[electronic instruments quote]

Jim Gordon on drums...
[drums quote]

Dave Parlato on bass...
[bass quote]

And Tony Duran on slide guitar...
[guitar riff starting The Grand Wazoo...]

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