I'm Sorry, Frank Zappa

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"I'm Sorry, Frank Zappa" is a song by Wild Man Fischer, which can be found on his album "The Fischer King" (1999). It's intended as an apology to Zappa after an incident where he threw a bottle at his baby daughter Moon Zappa and narrowly missed her. Zappa was so furious that he abruptly broke off their friendship and musical collaboration. To this day the Zappa Family Trust refuses to re-release An Evening With Wild Man Fischer because of this incident. As a result Fischer wrote a revenge song called Frank (1981).

Some of the lyrics of "I'm Sorry, Frank Zappa" go as follows:

I'm sorry so sorry

please accept my apologies

I'm sorry, Frank Zappa

if I threw a bottle at your wife

I'm sorry, so sorry

please accept my apologies

I'm sorry if it almost hit Moon Unit

but she was just a baby

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