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Disco Biscuits are an American rock band who incorporate a variety of musical genres into a consistent base of electronica and rock. They have been active since 1995.

On the first pressing of their CD "Encephalous Crime" one of the tracks was a cover of Pygmy Twylyte. The second pressing no longer carried this track. The Disco Biscuits also covered Dinah-Moe Humm, Peaches En Regalia and Willie The Pimp during concerts.

"He is the first wildman of rock. His use of small orchestras for dynamic rock rather than big band jazz is the main connection between four piece rock-and-roll and the symphonic composers of the early 20th century: Prokofiev, Copland, Stravinsky and Shostakovich. Plus, Edgard Varèse’s inspiration will always be remembered through Frank Zappa. I feel like he single handedly upheld American musicianship during the early 60’s when The Beatles and Stones were dominant and Dylan was a folky. In my own music, I mostly focused on his compositional and orchestrating prowess as opposed to his guitar playing. “Echidna's Arf (Of You)” is the high bar for composition style rock music. “Regyptian Strut” is my favorite Zappa composition, but “Cheepnis,” “Who Needs The Peace Corps?,” and “It Must Be A Camel” are also all mind expanding."[1] - Guitarist Jon Gutwillig of Disco Biscuits in celebration of Zappa's 70th anniversary on December 21, 2010.


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