Zappa Plays Zappa (The Film)

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Zappa Plays Zappa DVD Cover (autographed copy)
Released November 2007


Core Players

Zappa Plays Zappa band:

Special Guests


Disc One

  1. Andy
  2. Call Any Vegetable
  3. Tell Me You Love Me
  4. Florentine Pogen
  5. Cosmik Debris
  6. I'm The Slime
  7. Pound For A Brown
  8. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
  9. St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast
  10. Father O'Blivion
  11. Inca Roads
  12. Eat That Question
  13. I'm So Cute
  14. Tryin' To Grow A Chin
  15. Punky's Whips

Disc Two

  1. Black Page #1
  2. Black Page #2
  3. Regyptian Strut
  4. Peaches En Regalia
  5. Montana
  6. Village Of The Sun
  7. Echidna's Arf (Of You)
  8. Zomby Woof
  9. Black Napkins
  10. The Torture Never Stops
  11. Oh No
  12. Son Of Orange County
  13. Trouble Every Day
  14. Sofa

Bonus Material

Release Notes

A printing error on the back-cover of the DVD: the tracklist for disc one jumps from 10 (Father O'Blivion) to 12 (Inca Roads), omitting number 11.

Recording dates:

  • Roseland Theatre, Portland, 21/12/06
  • Paramount Theatre, Seattle, 22/12/06

Liner Notes

"First and most obvious grateful recognition goes to my Dad for being the brilliant architect behind all of this incredible music. I love you and I miss you. This adventure would not have been possible without the love and support of the 2 most beautiful and hilarious women in my life, my wife Lauren and my daughter Zola. This DVD is dedicated to them. Brobdingnagian thanks for immeasurable support: Gail Zappa Corresponding. Skookum thanks to: Moon, Paul and Mathilda, Diva, and Ahmet. Special Thanks to those who have taken the heat and shared in the challenges of making this tour and DVD reality: Danny Heaps, Charlie Boswell, Melanie Starks, Mike Mesker, Gary Iskowitz, Andrew Tennenbaum, Owen Sloane, the whole team at Fogo, Lisa, Denis, Yannick, Pico, Matt but especially Pierre and François. More Gratitude to: Andrea, Matthew and Doug 'Dipper' Knudsen, Blues Saraceno, TJ Helmerich, Rob Cohen, Adam and Lazlo Small, Chunga, Pimplimociccio, and Bustopher. A bit more to: Steve Vai, Terry Bozzio, and Napoleon Murphy Brock. One final helping of appreciativeness goes to the band. All of you have been truly remarkable to work with and I'm damn proud of you.

My father once said: 'Progress is not possible without deviation from the norm'. He spent his life and musical career absurdly corroborating that statement. In his music you will rarely find uniformity. Instead you will discover a sweeping array of mulitudinous rhythmic permutations assigned to wildly intriguing melodies that are sometimes draped over text. The end result however you describe it is a remarkable human achievement. With over 75 astonishingly diverse albums, meticulously arranged and produced in less than 30 years, my father left behind a body of work that will clearly stand the test of time. The DVD you are now watching is in itself a spectacular denouement. Make no mistake about it. Zappa Plays Zappa is a labor of love for me and my family and its sole purpose is to officially celebrate Frank's music and act as a conduit, bringing interested parties to the original inimitable source. A lifetime's worth of the World's Finest Optional Entertainment awaits those with open minds...

See you at the next concert,"


Background Information

Conceptual Continuity


ZFT # Version # # discs Format Catalog # Release
Artwork Comment
n/a DVD-Video
5.1 Dolby Digital
PCM 2.0 Stereo
2 DVD Strobosonic
2007[1] 0806440091000 EU packaging DVD 9 Dual Layer, all regions, 16:9 PAL. Matrix # Disc1: IFPI 94C1 ; Upper layer: IFPI L557 Sony DADC A0100865261-B912 17 ; Lower layer: IFPI L558 Sony DADC A0100865261-A912 18 A 0 ; Disc2: IFPI 94C1 ; Upper layer: IFPI L558 Sony DADC A0100865263-B922 28 ; Lower layer: IFPI L558 Sony DADC A0100865263-B922 18 A 0
2 DVD ? 2007-11-17? ? US packaging DVD 9 Dual Layer, all regions, 16:9 NTSC.

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  1. First copies sold during the ZPZ show in Paris on October 5th 2007.