When Worlds Collide

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  • Carl Bowry (lead guitar)
  • Nicholas Cox (clarinets, director Ensemble 10:10)
  • Gary Farr (trumpet)
  • Andy Frizell (flutes, tenor sax, 5 string bass guitar, arranger)
  • Ian Gardiner (arranger, vibes, percussion)
  • Roddie Gilliard (bass guitar, guitar)
  • Cormac Henry (flute, piccolo)
  • Andy Jacobson (keyboards)
  • Nicholas Lander (bassoon)
  • Blyth Lindsay (trombone)
  • Andrea Martin (double bass)
  • Chris Morley (horn)
  • Rachael Pankhurst (oboe, cor anglais)
  • Tilo Pirnbaum (drums)
  • Clark Rundell (conductor)
  • Martin Smith (trumpet)


  1. Big Swifty
  2. T'Mershi Duween
  3. Dupree's Paradise
  4. Sleeping In A Jar
  5. Holiday In Berlin
  6. Little Umbrellas
  7. Introduction To Little House I Used To Live In
  8. Little House I Used To Live In
  9. Igor's Boogie
  10. Exercise #4
  11. Uncle Meat
  12. Let's Make The Water Turn Black
  13. Harry You're A Beast
  14. Orange County Lumber Truck
  15. Oh No
  16. Theme From Lumpy Gravy
  17. Alien Orifice
  18. Run Home Slow' Title Music
  19. Take Your Clothes Off
  20. Mother People Interlude
  21. Orchestral Duke Of Prunes
  22. King Kong

Release Notes

Recorded live at Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, UK, September 9-10 2003 from the concerts by The Muffin Men and the Ensemble 10:10. Engineered by Steve Powell.
Produced by Gilliard, Gardiner and Powell.

Liner Notes

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Conceptual Continuity


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