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Appearances of vacuum cleaners in Zappa's work

COMA BERNICE "The Plumber":

Alpha Romeo (front wheel),
Henna Brillo (backside of head cap),
Charo (frontside of head cap),
DRANO (hose):

Gainsayer, Lotte Lenya, Dristan, Modus Operandi, Grunion, Rascallion

  • Joe's Garage Acts I, II & III: the character Sy Borg is described as "a cross between an industrial vacuum cleaner and a chrome piggy bank with marital aids stuck all over its body" in A Token Of My Extreme.
  • L. Ron Hoover's name references the famous vacuum cleaner brand "Hoover".
  • In the infamous Zappa documentary that Roelof Kiers filmed in 1971 (Frank Zappa (1971 Documentary)) Zappa uses a vacuum cleaner on Lucy Offerall's breasts.
  • From the article Zubin And The Mothers: Zappa then gave a brief preamble to 200 Motels (...) The whole mother is two and one half hours long, but one sequence, which required, among other things, a soprano soloist, three dancers, a chorus, a narrator, an industrial vacuum cleaner, a noisy 16mm projector and a dental-health film, was deleted, cutting this performance to about an hour.)