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The mobile recording facility of Frank Zappa purchased from the Beach Boys. The studio was located in a truck and was used for recording concerts on the road.

"The next technology upgrade came when Douglas and Pinske convinced Zappa to purchase the Beach Boys' recording truck. Both the truck and its Neve console required considerable refurbishment – stored for years at Beach Boy Mike Love's seaside estate in Santa Barbara, Calif., the truck was badly rusted – and Douglas also built a 150-channel snake/splitter system, with 102 channels available in the truck. 'We told Frank we had only 90 channels, which was just as well, as his first mic input list was for 99 channels,' recalls Douglas. A Midas console[1] was installed at right angles to the Neve, and two additional Carvin boards, the fruits of an endorsement deal,[2] were mounted on the truck's side walls. Another endorsement deal with AKG provided the 1981 tour with a full complement of AKG dynamic and condenser mics."

Chris Michie, WE ARE The Mothers... AND THIS IS WHAT WE SOUND LIKE!, Mix, January 2003.

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