Traffic (The Band)

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Back Row, L-R: Jim Capaldi (drums), Chris Wood (flute/saxophone/keyboards), Dave Mason (vocals/guitar/sitar/bass). Front Row: Steve Winwood (vocals/guitar/keyboards/bass)

Traffic was a British rock band, known for their psychedelic sound. They were active between 1967 and 1969, after which lead singer Steve Winwood started a new band, Blind Faith.

FZ played their song Heaven Is In Your Mind during "Star Special" as a guest DJ on BBC Radio 1 in 1980.


- Jerry Hopkins: Are there any groups in the business you feel have any legitimacy?

- Frank Zappa: "Yes. I like the Chrysalis. Jimi Hendrix. The Cream. Captain Beefheart. Traffic. And not necessarily in that order." - Quoted from Rolling Stone, issue #14, July 20, 1968.

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