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Rolling Stone published its first issue (John Lennon appeared on the cover in World War I "doughboy" helmet from the film, How I Won the War) on November 9, 1967. (...) Rolling Stone has gone through a number of format changes over the years (from a 24-page newspaper in its early days to a larger bi-fold newspaper until 1973, when it became a tabloid-size newspaper. In 1981, Stone switched to a magazine format. Though still printed on newsprint stock until 1985, it then adopted the glossy magazine look it retains today.) Rolling Stone will probably continue to be the quintessential music magazine long into the next century. It sets the standard which most other music mags try to imitate.

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Rolling Stone is an American based magazine devoted to music, politics and popular culture that is published bi-weekly.
Rolling Stone was founded in San Francisco in 1967 by Jann Wenner (who is still editor and publisher) and music critic Ralph J. Gleason. The magazine first started when Wenner stole a list of record label contacts from a nearby radio station and borrowed money from the family of his wife, Jane Wenner.

Rolling Stone was initially identified with and reported on the hippie counterculture of the era. However, the magazine distanced itself from the underground newspapers of the time, such as Crawdaddy!, embracing more traditional journalistic standards and avoiding the radical politics of the underground press. In the very first edition of the magazine, Wenner wrote that Rolling Stone "is not just about the music, but about the things and attitudes that music embraces." This has become the de-facto motto of the magazine.

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