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FZ, Ike Willis (vocals, guitar, synth, random noises), Mike Keneally (guitar, keyboards, Johnny Cash), Scott Thunes (bass, bad vibes), Chad Wackerman (drums, looking too young for his age), Ed Mann (percussion, Dylan), Bobby Martin (vocals, keyboards), Bruce Fowler (trombone, dinosaurs), Walt Fowler (trumpet, flugel horn, synth, baseball commentary), Paul Carman (alto, soprano, baritone sax), Albert Wing (tenor sax), Kurt McGettrick (baritone sax, contrabass clarinet)

Additional Info

Special Guests

Moon, Dweezil, Ahmet, Diva, Zappsteetoot (Morgan Ågren & Mats Öberg), Brother A. West, Eric Buxton, Daniel Schorr, Long Island Ballet Company (Packard interpretations), Sting, Fabio Treves (harmonica), Claudia (on-stage dancing), and many others.


February 2nd to March 25th (US), April 9th to June 9th (Europe)


81 shows were played in 67 cities across 14 countries - see also: FZ Gig List - 1988.

Notes About This Tour

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