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Brother A. West (real name: Andrew West Reid, Jr.) is an American comedian, cover artist, illustrator, art director and convicted sex offender.


He was part of the "Brother A. West World Salivation Ministry", a comedy troupe who've opened for a number of punk bands in the mid 1980s. He designed the album cover of Broadway The Hard Way (1988) and can be heard during the track A Few Moments With Brother A. West, which was recorded in Philadelphia on February 14th, 1988. [1] He also illustrated The Real Frank Zappa Book (1988). [2]

West was an art director on the PBS television show "Jay-Jay the Jet Plane," and won two Cable Ace awards in the category of Best Art Direction in a Comedy, Musical or Series for Shelley Duvall's "Rock 'n Roll Mother Goose" and for "Adventures in Wonderland," both on the Disney Channel.

In 2008 he was arrested and sentenced to eight years in prison for molesting a six-year old child and the possession of child pornography. He was freed in 2014, but still had to pay $5.4 million to his victim and remains registered as a sex offender. [3] [4] [5]

Quotes about West

Scoutmaster [Billy Jim Vaughn] recalls:

One boy he listened to in 1969 wanted to be an artist. He gave the Scout every job in the troop that required drawing or painting. Most important, he assured the boy that he could be an artist by working hard and believing in himself.

"He was able to give me enough confidence to go forward and follow my talent and follow my heart," says that boy, now grown up and working under the professional name of Brother Awest. Now an artist and production designer in television, movies, and music, he lives in Sierra Madre, Calif.

Dale Warner bass and vocalist with [The Rubatos]

I am originally from Woodland, California (a tad north of sacramento).  I was  music coordinator and performer in the L.A.-based political/comedy troupe "Brother Awest and His World Salivation Ministry (W.S.M.) and we opened in 1984 and 1985 for Sonic Youth and the Meat Puppets when they came to L.A. Soon after, W.S.M. toured the U.S.A. (27 cities in as many days) as an exclusive opener for the legendary punk rock band The Minutemen. 


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