Thou Shalt Keep Holy The Sabbath Day

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There are artists who do not write [their?] own material, we know this, all right?

So that means there's a whole community of songwriters who write songs, so that hopefully it's going to go on the next -em, you know Linda Ronstadt album or Sheena Easton album or whatever- they're waiting to get their song sold, the next song is gonna pay their rent. Okay?

Now, let's say they get this song on an album and the artist in em his or her desire to be ah versatile chooses a selection of material from all over the musical spectrum including something written for him or her by Prince.

One song that offends somebody under this rating system is gonna get an 'X' on the entire album and everybody else that's in there loses money. Okay?

That's not fair, that is the ah th[e]- you know the- you're loosing your right to do process there.

The other real danger about all this is th[e]- the ah cult rating, they're insisting on individual special ratings for different types of things. Instead of [?] beware, they will tell you: "The record has sex, it has drugs and alcohol, it has violence, it has a cult."

Are they trying to tell to me that a parent might let the child buy something with ah a cult, drugs, alcohol and violence, but not with sex? I mean o[bviously]- obviously the- it's redundant, you know?

Why? Here's the secret agenda: if something in law- if something goes into law that makes a cult a legal concept, you got a big danger.

Because somebody in Washington's ah is gonna wake up one day and say: "You know what? Astrology is a cult."

And they're gonna say em: "Yoga is a cult."

And they're gonna say: "The Rosary is pretty suspicious too."

"And how about that Kabbalah, ladies and gentlemen?"

And before you know it, you're in a big trouble.

That is the danger with that particular part of the ratings.

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