The $600 Mud Shark Prelude

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(Audience clapping, whistling and yelling)
FZ: I like to tell you something. I'd like to play an encore for you, but we have a Union problem in this house: We have to leave the stage at exactly the time or it's gonny cost another 600 Dollars. For us! We have to pay 600 to play for you! I to say you this: I’ll be happy to pay 600 Dollars to play for you. We’re gonna do an encore now.
FZ: We’d like to dedicate this part of our program to the Union members sitting backstage counting their overtime money.
FZ: And also to the people who make up those kind of rules and keep ’em inflexible so that you can’t really work with the thing, you know what I mean?
(Applause, tuning)

Players On This Song

Frank Zappa (guitar, dialog)
Mark Volman (lead vocals, dialog)
Howard Kaylan (lead vocals, dialog)
Ian Underwood (woodwinds, keyboards, vocals)
Aynsley Dunbar (drums)
Jim Pons (bass, vocals, dialog)
Don Preston (mini-moog)

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