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Pam: Well... operator? Hold for a minute, please...
FZ: Hello?
Operator: Yes, sir...
FZ: Ah, can you call 678-9866?
Operator: Same area code?
FZ: Yes
Operator: Right
FZ: Is that Vicki?
Pam: Yeah... He's gonna bump you off yet, he's got a gun, you know... (heh heh heh...) If he didn't get ya in Laurel Canyon, he won't get you here
Vicki: Hello?
Pam: Vicki?
Vicki: Yeah
Pam: What's happening?
Vicki: Listen: your father has called me up this...
Pam: Now look, just don't panic but just tell me...
Vicki: I'm not panicking!
Pam: OK
Vicki: I think my phone's tapped too
Pam: Well don't worry, that's quite alright
Vicki: Alright... Your father called me up this afternoon
Pam: Just a sec...

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Zappa asked Pamela Zarubica to come to New York to look after Gail during the latter stages of her pregnancy as he was about to leave for a European tour.

While recording Zarubica, as Suzy Creamcheese, Vicki called to tell her that her father was looking for her and had involved the FBI who were threatening to arrest Vicki for withholding information. Zarubica called her back to discuss matters and Zappa recorded the conversation including a 45 second snippet on the album.

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