Sandy Schwanekamp

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Alex Snouffer and Sandy Schwanekamp in 1957

Sandy Schwanekamp (???? - 2017) was a girlfriend of Zappa;

Frank had a blonde girlfriend named Sandy, at the time, and Dad didn't like her. That was clear, with no imagination necessary. I never could tell the reason. Probably just an Italian father thing. When Sandy came over, she and Frank would disappear into his bedroom.[1]

"I knew your dad... at Antelope Valley School in Lancaster. I was best friends with Sandy Schwanekamp, his girlfriend at the time, & I was dating Terry Wimberley."[2]

Moved to Minnesota, in 1959 graduated from Saint Paul Central High School:

"Sandy Schwanekamp was one of Frank's earliest girl friends in Lancaster and I seem to recall that her parents didn't like Frank and that at some point they either moved or took her out of AVJUHS and put her into private school." [3]

Schwanekamp is included in the list of names on the cover of "Freak Out!" (1966)


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