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Mattias Eklundh (1969) is a Swedish rock singer and guitarist, known for his work with the bands Freak Kitchen, Frozen Eyes, Fate, The Jonas Hellborg Trio and Art Metal. He is also active as a solo performer.

Eklundh names Frank Zappa and Miles Davis as his two major musical influences. When asked how huge Zappa's influence on his life and music was Eklundh answered: "Loads! Once I got into Frank Zappa’s music at the age of 11, there was no turning back." Later in the interview he named Outrage At Valdez as one of the musical tracks that moved him the most. In another interview [1] Eklundh claims to own “every Zappa album and then some. My studio is my Zappa temple.” In yet another interview he says he loves every Zappa album. "Zappa has influenced me in so many ways since I was a kid. I love all his stuff, totally subjective, from the early Mothers to the wonderful, ground-breaking Synclavier music like "Civilization Phaze III." There's a Zappa album for every day, every mood. He was the one." [2]

Eklundh also covered The Black Page on his first solo album, "Freak Guitar". His second solo album, "The Road Less Traveled" included a track called Asteroid 3834, which is the Zappafrank asteroid. The track is a Zappa tribute.

During the Zappa Plays Zappa concert in Göteborg, Sweden, on November 2010 Eklundh performed as a guest guitarist during City Of Tiny Lites. In 2013 Dweezil Zappa played on Agren's Freak Guitar - the Smorgasbord (2013).


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