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Narrator: Ein Licht scheint vom Himmel herab. Kometen und alle rasenden Trümmer, dunkle Gase und tiefgefrorene, negative Ausdünnungen sitzen bei der Ankunft des Herren.
FZ: A light shines down from heaven. A dense ecumenical patina at the right hand of God’s Big Sofa. And, oh Lordylord, HE was so pleased that afternoon, and things were a little bit slack up there in the sky and he figured, he’d take a breather and relax, you know, after putting up the boards and … having this Sofa … ’n’ talking and to ’n’ everything, and … a person in that position has gotta have a hobby … so, the first thing he did was … could it be Major chord? … and a choir of Heavenly Angels sang along with Him:
Choir: Bringet zu mir, das kurze Mädchen.
FZ: Which means: Bring unto me the short girl.
Choir: Und Squat, das magische Schwein.
FZ: And Squat, the magic pig. Und das grosse Licht, das ich bin, benutze. Which means, the big light I’m gonna use, cos we’re gonna make … a home … movie!
Choir: Hey!!!!

Players On This Song

Frank Zappa (guitar, dialog)
Mark Volman (lead vocals, dialog)
Howard Kaylan (lead vocals, dialog)
Ian Underwood (woodwinds, keyboards, vocals)
Aynsley Dunbar (drums)
Jim Pons (bass, vocals, dialog)
Don Preston (mini-moog)

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Notes About This Song

This narration about God and his his big, fat, floating Sofa appears in many disguises and incarnations, mostly as introduction to the song Sofa or Stick It Out.

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