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CD "frank zappa and the mothers of invention live in melbourne"

Release Info

Catalog number: Q 10002

"Recorded live at the Festival Hall in Melbourne, 1973", June and/or July.


  1. Mudshark (13:30)
  2. Farther Oblivion (10:45)
  3. "Exercise Four" (04:46) actually is Uncle Meat/Dog Breath
  4. "Dog Breath Variatons" (02:13) actually is Uncle Meat
  5. Montana (14:37) includes Fifty-Fifty


Frank Zappa guitar, vocals
Jean Luc Ponty violin
George Duke piano
Ian Underwood woodwinds
Ruth Underwood percussion
Bruce Fowler trombone
Tom Fowler bass
Ralph Humphrey drums
Sal Marquez trumpet


Conceptual Continuity