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Kenny Williams brother of Ronnie Williams, son of Dink Williams. His urine collecting activities were noted in the song Let's Make The Water Turn Black in 1968:

For some reason he didn't want to stay in the house, and so he took up residence in the garage -- with Motorhead (this was before Motorhead moved in with me). It was winter when they lived out there and, since there was no toilet in the garage -- and not wishing to brave the elements -- the lads relieved themselves nightly into some of the Mom's mason jars, lined up along the garage wall ... and on a few of those cold winter nights, Kenny and Motorhead hosted a few games for the other fun guys in the neighborhood. Eventually, the beer took effect, and everybody started reaching for the jars.... Many games later, the boys ran out of jars. The solution to this problem came in the form of a large earthenware crock ... jars were poured into the crock ... Eventually, Kenny moved back into the house, and Motorhead moved in with me. One day, a few months later, Motorhead visited Kenny and, just for old times' sake, took a peek at the crock in the garage. Lifting the board which covered it, they beheld several 'denizens' swimming in the piss -- unknown 'things' that looked sort of like tadpoles. Kenny fished one out and plopped it on the shop bench. It had a tail, and a head which Kenny described as being "about as big as your little fingernail -- white, with a black dot in the middle of it. . ." Motorhead poked it with a nail and "some clear stuff came out." Proud of their scientific discovery, they informed Dink. They were then instructed by the bewildered furniture salesman to "pour that whole damn crock down the toilet!," which is what they did. - The Real Frank Zappa Book

Kenny Williams can be heard on The Lost Episodes.