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Ronald Lloyd "Ronnie" Williams is acknowledged as the one who in 1960 introduced Frank to Paul Buff, which started a most productive period at Pal Studio. Ronnie also played guitar with The Blackouts in '61-'62. Ronnie Williams provided vocal for We're Only In It For The Money, Lumpy Gravy (the line "Buh-bad-badhn" during Very Distraughtening [1] and "Oh yeah, that's just fine. C'mon boys, just one more time in Just One More Time[2]), and Ronnie's Booger Story on The Lost Episodes.

In the spring of 1975 Ronnie unexpectedly appeared during a concert in Pomona. According to Zappa he was drunk and asked to play "the song about the boogers." When Zappa did recognize him he asked him to come on stage. Ronnie didn't sing, but played guitar. [3]


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