Highway 61 Revisited

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The album cover.

Highway 61 Revisited is a 1965 album by Bob Dylan, recorded by Columbia Studio. It's widely considered one of his best albums and best known for the title track, Desolation Row and Like A Rolling Stone.

Zappa about the album

"Dylan's 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' was a monster record. I heard that thing and I was jumping all over the car. And then when I heard the one after that, 'Like a Rolling Stone', I wanted to quit the music business, because I felt: 'If this wins and it does what it's supposed to do, I don't need to do anything else', but it didn't do anything. It sold; but nobody responded to it the way that they should have. (...) It didn't happen right away, and I was a little disappointed. I figured, 'Well, shit, maybe it needs a little reinforcing." - Frank Kofsky interviews FZ, 1968)

"Highway 61 Revisited was really good. Then we got "Blonde on Blonde" and it started to sound like cowboy music, and you know what I think of cowboy music." - Frank Zappa. Interview in Playboy, 2 May 1993.

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