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Family Dog Van from You Are What You Eat

Family Dog Productions was a commune based in San Francisco producing and promoting shows featuring up and coming bands. They were joined by Chet Helms who, initially with Bill Graham[1], put on shows at the Fillmore Auditorium. This was a short lived arrangement and Helms moved his shows to the Avalon Ballroom[2]. Zappa recalled the Old Western dress popular there.[3]


  1. Bill Graham (1931 – 1991) was a prominent rock concert promoter, who flourished from the 1960s until his death. He operated the Fillmore Venues.
  2. you go to the Avalon Ballroom and they pass out feathers and bells. That's it, man. That's phony. That's like if we were to pass out Molotov cocktails in the lobby, it'd be just as phony. It's childish, because it's like a club. The key club – you bring a feather and a bell. -Frank Kofsky interviews FZ
  3. "Are We Having A Good Time Yet?", The Real Frank Zappa Book