Nig Biz

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I signed on the line
For seven long years
They said I'd be a big star
They said I'd get a big car
All the coke I could toot
All the dope I could shoot
All the smoke I could smoke
But now I'm beat up 'n broke

They said I oughta re-record
The tracks of my tears
They said: "Hey! This is it!
It's gonna be a big hit"
With my name up in lights
And some custom-made tights
All the girls call my name
But it was all just a game

Nigger Biznis
Nigger Biznis
Well, Nigger Biznis all the time
Well, Nigger Biznis has brought disaster
On top of this here heart of mine

(Well, now's the time to play the blues!)

Well, one day that contract will expire
One day I will be free
From that Nig-ger, Nig-gig-gig-ger, Nigger Biznis Office
Nigger Biznis Office representing me
Nigger Biznis, Nigger Biznis
Oh, Nigger Biznis all the time, all along
Well, Nigger Biznis has brought destruction
Which is why you're here in this song

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